domenica 5 ottobre 2008


Sai che pensavis che ò fòs sparide, cumò che ses duç tornas a lavorà tai blog.

Ari in spedizion in Grecie, a Creta, dulà che si pol cjata sureli, biel mar, archeologje e ancje di bevi. Us segnali un vin blanc fresc che podes cjatà di che bandis là, format di dos uis, vilana e sauvignon blanc. Nje mal su le friture di pès e su dutis lis preparazions cun la feta che an.

Se il sauvignon l'è famos, vilana l'è invezit local. Vè chi un aggiornament.... in ingles!!

Vilana is the chief white cultivar in Iraklio Prefecture in Crete and the only variety permitted under the Peza OPAP appellation for white wines. Vilana produces fresh, low alcohol wines perfectly suited to quaffing in their region of origin. Despite the appellation, however, Vilana wines can display a wide range of quality. They are prone to oxidize and quality is greatly affected by vineyard elevation, orientation and yields. At its best, Vilana produces Granny Smith fruit on the nose and mouth. Less conscientious treatments can be pleasant and light, but a bit mushy and nondescript as well. The Lyrarakis brothers were the first to cultivate the variety for commercial production during the sixties. They remain on the cutting edge, producing a classic OPAP (100% Vilana) that has won the affection of both well-heeled Cretans and tourists. Their estate white Cuvée Grand Colline shows Vilana at its blending best with Sauvignon blanc and Sylvaner.

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