giovedì 17 luglio 2008

Olimpiadis Londra 2012

The Times (avril 2008)

Picture the scene for a moment: London, 2012, the Olympic stadium and glory for a British athlete on sport’s greatest stage. “Break open the bubbly,” somebody shouts, and the new champion, medal hanging proudly around the neck, is doused in a shower of . . . Kent’s finest.It is a prospect that has persuaded a British producer to set out on the long road to producing a sparkling wine to rival champagne, the sporting champion’s toast of choice, for the Games.Next month the English Wines Group, the Plus Markets-listed company behind the Chapel Down brand, will start to plant 72 acres of a site near Maidstone with chardonnay and pinot noir vines with a view to producing the first sparkling wine in time for London 2012.

E i furlans cun ce brindino pa prosimis olimpiadis a Pechino?
Cul Tocai o cul Friulano?

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il crot ha detto...

Tal 2012 di sigûr cul friulano... tal scartoç.

Finalmentri un blog dulâ fevelâ di chel bon. Mandi dal Crot

Jaio ha detto...

Como che le temperadure a aumente simpri di plui, chei che prime a vevin sorêli como le Sicilie, prest al sarà un desert come tal sud de Spagne, duncje, achi di cent ains, al convegnarà tirâ sù vignis tal polo, altri che in Inghiltere:-)